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Steer axle parts are parts of the forklift steering systems. Forklift steering differ from automobile steering. Where cars and trucks use their front wheels to steer, material handling steering systems use their rear wheels to steer. This allows forklift trucks to turn in a tight circle, because the rear steering wheels will turn at almost 90 degrees angle. The material handling steering systems are applied into the rear part of a 3 or 4-wheel counterbalanced forklift or reach truck. Steering systems are equipped with hydraulics which enables an high steering angle. At OrangeParts we supply steer parts, such as spindles, tie rod ends, dog bones, bearings, etc. for all makes and models of known brands of forklift trucks. Looking for a particular replacement part for the forklift truck? Provide us with information on the serial number and the model of the forklift truck or reach truck. And we will help you find the right steer axle part.

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